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Spotlight On.....  Top Ten Bronx Trivia!

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Spotlight on….EyeCycle with Tineta Newton!

Tineta Newton created EyeCycle due to the lack of variety and culture options within the fitness industry.  Its branded total body fitness format is exclusive, encompassing choreography, upper-body toning and constant mental and physical enhancing techniques.  Tineta began her career in 2003 as a Group Exercise Manager for Bally Total Fitness, leading three Bronx clubs to #1 while managing!

TBR:  What is Eyecycle and how did the idea come about?

TN:We are the first and only boutique wellness studio offering indoor cycling, meditation, pilates and yoga in the South Bronx!  We operate also as a pop up fitness entity as well as a brick and mortar and have a strong group of followers who have changed lifestyles for themselves and others.  We always include culture driven inspirations to motivate and move the classes.  Our first studio opened for business in the Bronx in December 2017.

TBR:  Where are you located and what are your hours?

TN:  We are located at 866 Hunts Point Avenue.  We are open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 7am-8pm.  Weekends we are open at 8am.  We also have additional engagements like a twerk class or Zumba, African dance and kids yoga.

TBR:  How big is the staff and facility?

TN:We have a small team of instructors who teach mostly all formats that we offer.  We have nine cycles, however we are in the process of doubling our cycles.  We have yoga mats, free weights and steppers for yoga/pilates and total body fitness formats.

TBR:  What else does EyeCycle offer?

TN:  We also have yoga mats, water and snacks for sale, and towels and yoga mats for rent.  Our rates are very reasonable - currently offering Buy One Get One classes for $11, or $22 for two classes.  Our current one time only class rate is $15.  On occasion we offer free donation Yoga for the community on Sundays at 12pm and will continue to offer "donation" offerings to encourage people to give fitness a try!  We promote and believe that preventive health measures are necessary to improve our life experiences in our communities.

TBR:  How many classes do you offer each week?

TN:  We offer 20 or more classes each week!

TBR:  What's the best way to contact EyeCycle?

TN:    Via our website at ;

You can also follow us on twitter: @eyecyclenyc, Instagram: @eyecyclenyc and facebook @eyecyclenyc.

Take the #6 subway to Hunts Point or the #6 bus to Hunts Point Avenue.  We are located on the corner of 866 Hunts Point Avenue and Seneca.

TBR:  What do you wish there was more of in the Bronx?

TN:  Healthy places to eat is a huge concern.  Family recreational offerings.  A roller rink.  Parks and gardens.  A place that houses local talent for LIVE music and local showcase venues.  Self care offerings all around.  Partnering and building and encouraging entrepreneurs to thrive and build together to save our community from gentrification.

TBR:  What's one piece of advice you would give someone taking a class at EyeCycle?

TN:  You have to start somewhere, and in our studio you will find intimate no judging culture inspired fitness offerings.  We encourage new people at any stage of their fitness ability and goals to work outside their comfort zone.

We have cycling, meditation, pilates and yoga - in addition to dance and special events for the community.  Wear comfortable fitness gear, rest well and hydrate before taking a class.  Also expect to have an experience like no other and try within your own ability.

TBR:  Will you be opening more EyeCycle locations?

TN:Absolutely!  We have already doubled our clients and are beginning to show promise to outgrow our current space.

EYECYCLE!  Check it out folks!!  Get Fit for Life!

We wish EyeCycle the Best of Success!!

The Bronx Rox Top Ten Trivia of Cool Stuff:

Did You Know....

  1. Both Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren were born in The Bronx
  2. The Bronx is the only part of New York City that is almost entirely situated on the North American mainland
  3. The Bronx has had a democratic Borough President since 1966. Currently, it is Ruben Diaz, Jr.
  4. Penny Marshall, better known as Laverne DeFazio from the hit comedy show, Laverne and Shirley was raised right here in the Bronx and lived on the Grand Concourse.
  5. The Founder of Macy's, Rowland H. Macy, the founder of J.C. Penney, James Cash Penney, Irving Berlin, Miles Davis and Duke Elington are all buried in the Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx.
  6. Pelham Bay Park, located in the Bronx, is over 3x bigger than Central Park - making the Bronx the city's greenest borough!
  7. In 1919, the Bronx was the site of 63 piano factories employing more than 5,000 workers.
  8. In 1937, 592,185 Jews lived in The Bronx (43.9% of the borough's population)!
  9. In 2016, the Bronx saw a record $3.3BILLION in real estate investment. The Bronx is Booming Baby!

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