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About the Bronx Rox

The Bronx Rox is Building Pride in Our Borough by working directly with local residents, businesses, organizations and city officials to inspire, empower, encourage and acknowledge residents making a difference in our Community.


By shining a light on all the positive things happening in The Bronx!  By creating quality programming and encouraging participation in Community Service Days to help clean up our neighborhood.  By alerting our city officials when something needs to be addressed in our neighborhoods and by erasing the negative stereotypes associated with The Bronx!

In the first six months of operation, we managed to complete four successful Community Day Paint overs; a Tribute Dinner honoring the female Inspector of our local precinct; a donation drive for Puerto Rico and Mexico; partnered with Bronx Terminal Market and Hair4Humanity to send supplies for their trip to Puerto Rico to give free haircuts to survivors of the devastating hurricane; and partnered with the Parks Department to improve our local park.  There is so much more to do and we are excited about continuing to make a difference in our community.  The most rewarding part of this journey so far, has been working with the community and seeing how eager they are to be part of something to uplift their borough.

We welcome any and all input, programming ideas, funding and feedback.  I am excited about the future for our borough!



How Can We Build a Better Bronx?

What is The Broken Window Theory?

If a broken window is not fixed, then other broken windows and vandalism start to appear.  It becomes “the norm” for the neighborhood.  By repairing broken windows immediately, it gives notice that our neighborhood is worthy of better treatment.

The same goes for graffiti/tagging.  If unsightly tagging is left exposed, others feel it is okay to do the same and then it becomes “the norm” for the neighborhood.  Keep in mind that the difference between 'graffiti art' and tagging is permission.  A graffiti artist has permission to create and paint, while taggers do not!  Tagging is a crime that is punishable by law.

The same goes for dog poop.  If one person fails to pick up after their dog, then sometimes others believe it is okay to not clean up after their own dogs.  If the majority of people fail to pick up after their dogs, then they are the ones setting the example for others....and then we ALL live in a shitty neighborhood!

See the pattern?  It’s about creating good habits to raise our neighborhood to the next level; to take pride in our Borough. You should never have reason to shrug your shoulders and say “that’s just the way things are.” We each have the power and ability to make a change and make a difference.

Leaders lead by example. Let each of us be the right example for one another.

Local residents came together to paint over the tagging on the front of the synagogue doors and walls.

THE BRONX ROX: Building Pride in our Borough!

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